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It’s the dairy farms in Tasmania’s north-west that proudly supply us with fresh milk which helps us make our Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

  • Supporting jobs

    The dairy industry is the largest segment of Tasmania’s agricultural industry and is a significant contributor to the Tasmanian economy. We’re proud to source 11%* of the state’s milk supply, supporting jobs for more than 400 people.

    *As of 2022.

  • Best care for cows

    The quality milk that we put into our products begins with healthy, well cared for cows. Animal welfare is critical to the Australian dairy industry and under the industry sustainability framework, goals and targets have been set to help ensure best care for all animals. Appropriate animal care is essential to the success of every farming business and it’s the right thing to do.

  • Nature at its best

    With a temperate climate, fertile soils, reliable rainfall and plenty of sunshine, Tasmania boasts excellent conditions for the production of premium-quality dairy products. With some of the cleanest air in the world, we aim to preserve this pristine environment to ensure cows can graze for years to come. We’re committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, including our dairy supply chain. We're working together with our dairy farmers and the Australian dairy industry on a pathway forward.



  • Tasmanian dairy farmers

    have supplied Cadbury with fresh milk for nearly a century – some dairy farms have been supplying Claremont milk for generations.

  • We source over 110 million litres of fresh milk

    from around 52 Tasmanian dairy farms in the Burnie region annually – 11%* of the Tasmanian milk supply. This milk along with milk from other sources helps to make the chocolate Aussies love.

    *As of 2022.

  • On average 300,000 litres* of fresh milk

    is collected and processed at our Burnie plant every day, before being transported to our Claremont factory in Hobart, Tasmania where it is mixed with cocoa, sugar and other milk ingredients to make Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

    *Ranged between 130,000 litres and 480,000 litres per day during 2022 due to seasonal variation.

Meet one of our dairy farmers

Darren Fielding

Meet Darren Fielding. Darren has been a Cadbury farmer for as long as he’s been alive. Growing up on the family Cadbury farm, Darren and his family are the third generation to supply milk to Cadbury, and they are proud of their deep connection to the iconic brand.

  • Darren’s family farm is modest, with 320 Friesian cows supplying 2.3 million litres of milk per year to Cadbury. Over the farm’s lifetime, it’s supplied enough milk to give millions of Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks their smooth and creamy taste. It's hard work, but Darren swears he wouldn’t supply his fresh milk to anyone else.
  • “Cadbury has always been good to us – they appreciate family farms, value the high-quality product we produce and take care of their farmers through thick and thin.”

    Darren hopes his children will keep this tradition alive long after his retirement. To make this possible, he’s taking steps to care for his biggest assets – the land, his cows and his people.

“I’m excited about the future on the farm. We’re about to install a robotic dairy which we’re hoping will drive efficiencies and enhance cow health and wellbeing,” said Darren.

“We’ve currently got solar panels powering our dairy which we’ll look to move across. We’re also mindful of our water and fertiliser use, trying to get more out of less.”

With these measures in place, Darren can look forward to a bright future for his family as Cadbury dairy farmers. According to Darren, “Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is a national treasure and knowing fresh milk from our farm goes into making the best tasting, smooth and creamy chocolate that I’ve ever tasted, is a good reason to get out of bed every morning.”

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