Proudly supporting the next generation of


Proudly supporting the next generation of Women in sport

One in two girls drop out of sport from age 15^

Because how can you be what you can’t see? Less than 10% of Australian sports media focuses on women in sport. We all deserve to have role models to look up to. To help change this, Cadbury is making women in sport more visible. And there are many ways you can help.


Help a girl in your life see what she can be by:

Inviting your girl to a women’s game

Inspire your sister, niece, cousin, friend or neighbour by inviting her to see our sports women live in action.

Watching with her at home

A great way to help your girl see what she can be is to watch a women’s game with her at home.

Tuning in to women in sport 

Another way to show support for women in sport is to follow sports women on social media.

Get to know our amazing ambassadors by watching the Cadbury Get in The Game series with your girl. See the videos below.

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Each of these inspiring women have overcome challenges to become the talented athletes they are today. Nothing can stop them from getting in the game.

Tayla Vlaeminck 

Cricket Aus

All-rounder for the Australia Women’s Cricket Team and Hobart Hurricanes player.

For me, taking confidence and self-belief onto the field stems from my behaviour off the field… in the gym, with rehab and in the nets to ensure I am giving myself the best opportunity to perform.

Akec Makur Chuot


Defender for the Richmond Football Club women’s team.

The road to where I am today hasn’t been [easy] but it has taught me how to build confidence and resilience. I want young women from my background to see me and say ‘if she can do that, I can do it too

Alanna Kennedy


Defender for the Matildas and Manchester City.

My football journey started when I was a young girl in school. Along the way, I’ve had to learn to overcome adversity, personal setbacks [such as] injuries... but my sanctuary has always been the pitch.



Outside Back for the Western Sydney Two Blues in the Jack Scott Cup, NSW Waratahs Super W side, and the Australian Wallaroos.

“Sport is so much more than physical activity and having fun. It’s given me the chance to develop as an athlete and as a human in general. I’ve been able to form friendships, discover some beautiful parts of the world, gain social skills, discover my competitiveness and confidence, learn teamwork qualities, as well taught me resilience to overcome challenges on and off the field and more importantly live moments to remember for the lifetime ahead of me.”


“We all need role models we can relate and look up to.” In this instalment of Cadbury’s Get in The Game series, under 16s player Nyanthier interviews her role model and AFLW powerhouse, Akec Makur Chuot, uncovering how getting in the game helped her find a place to belong.

“Girls need to hear the inspiring stories of women in sport.” In this instalment of Cadbury’s Get in The Game series, Under 16s player Tess interviews her favourite cricketer, Tayla Vlaeminck, on how she overcame injuries to get back in the game.

“Trust my gut and follow my intuition”. In this instalment of Cadbury’s Get in The Game series, Under 17s player Sienna interviews star Matildas’ defender, Alanna Kennedy, to hear her journey of resilience. 

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Whether it’s playing pro or just some fun on the field, when girls get in the game, they unlock leadership, teamwork and confidence. So what are you waiting for? Find a club near you!

^R. M Eime, J. T Harvey & M. J Charity (2019): Sport drop-out during adolescence: is it real, or an artefact of sampling behaviour?, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics