Cocoa Life is the programme run by Cadbury’s parent company, Mondelez, in all of the countries where we source our cocoa.

Cocoa Life has been running since 2011 and touches many aspects of life for communities in cocoa regions – from farming techniques, to looking after the environment and supporting the local economy.

All this is done through working together with local people, so that everything happens in a way that is right for the area and can continue for years and decades to come.

This means that 100% of the cocoa used to make Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate is sustainably sourced, and by 2025 we’re aiming to be able to say the same for all Cadbury products.

So every block of Cadbury Dairy Milk you buy helps to:

Teach cocoa farmers to grow crops in a way that looks after the environment.

175,000 farmers have been trained in better ways to farm – so they can make as much cocoa as possible to keep farms prosperous, while still caring for the environment.

Plant trees and protect the future of cocoa regions.

8.4m cocoa trees and 1.2m other trees planted to preserve the land.

149,000 farms mapped and monitored to ensure they’re not encroaching on rainforest

Ensure cocoa farmers can earn a better living, meaning better quality of life for their families & communities.

Almost 20,000 young people trained on cocoa farming

72,000 community members educated in financial literacy

50,000 women trained in business skills

Child labour monitoring and prevention established in hundreds of communities