Making a difference in the community

Increasing active play, securing fresh foods and encouraging better nutrition education.

Cadbury maker, Mondelez International is committed to investing in the community where we live and work. We believe when we are involved in the community, everybody wins – society, our people and our business.

We focus our contributions on three areas key to promoting healthy lifestyles – increasing physical activity for children and their families, securing fresh foods through local agriculture, and encouraging better nutrition education.

Our diverse approach to community involvement includes:

• investing in signature community programs
• inspiring employees to contribute time and skills
• responding when disaster strikes, with cash and product donations

Play Project

Empowering students at all levels of ability to live active, healthy lives through better knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

In Australia, we have committed over $3 million for a three year partnership with Football Federation Australia to create the country’s largest healthy lifestyles program for kids.

Play Project is an active play program that delivers fun and engaging workshops to primary school students in New South Wales and Victoria. You can find out more about the program at

The Play Project is an active play program that delivers fun and engaging workshops in primary schools. You can find out more about the program at

By having a focused approach, we believe our contributions can make a greater impact. With our focus on this signature program we are no longer able to donate product.

Cadbury Fundraising

Throughout Australia, Cadbury Fundraising helps many organisations achieve their fundraising goals by providing a wide range of top selling Cadbury products for sale. Whether it is raising funds for school parent groups, a local footy team or a local community group, Cadbury Fundraiser caters to most consumer needs.

To find out more about Cadbury Fundraising click here

Cocoa Life

How we’re working with cocoa farmers and their families to build a promising future for cocoa.

Cocoa Life is an industry-leading, independently verified program that will ensure the future of Cadbury chocolate for generations to come. The program aims to support farmers by helping them grow their income, develop their communities, and build successful, long-term farming business.

We want to use our scale as the world’s largest chocolate maker to the help communities on which we depend. This is why we’re investing US$400 million in Cocoa Life by 2020, helping to empower 200,000 farmers and reach one million people in communities in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, India and Brazil.

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