A change we'd like to tell you about

Over the next few weeks, you will see something different about Cadbury family blocks. While our commitment to providing the same taste and quality of Cadbury chocolate you love remains, you will see a change in the size of our 210g/220g family blocks.

Confectionery companies around the world are feeling the squeeze of increasing costs. At Cadbury, we’re feeling it too. We’ve reached a point where we can no longer absorb these increasing costs into the price of our chocolate blocks. So we had to make a tough decision: increase the recommended price of Cadbury family blocks, or decrease the size? We chose to keep Cadbury chocolate affordable for families across Australia and reduce our family blocks by one row.

By making this change, Cadbury can continue to support local manufacturing in Australia as we have done for almost a century now. We’ll keep delighting you with new flavours and products, and your Cadbury chocolate will continue to taste as delicious as it always has.

We know this is important to Australians. This change lets us keep making Australia’s favourite chocolate, so you can continue to enjoy the taste and quality of Cadbury.

If you would like to know more, join us on Facebook or phone our toll free telephone: 1800 250 260.

Some more information in response to your questions

1. What and how much have costs gone up?

There are lots of things that go into making a delicious Cadbury chocolate block and, unfortunately, the costs of many of those things have gone up lately. That’s why we needed to make this change.

You’ll see lots of other food manufacturers facing the same challenges and many of them have adjusted their products in a similar way. To us, the most important thing was to keep the same price for the same Cadbury taste and quality.

2. Could you have done anything else besides decrease the size?
Why didn’t you put the price up instead?

It’s true that the choice we had to make was between raising prices or slightly reducing the size. The reason we chose to adjust the size instead of the price was affordability. We wanted to make sure that families would still be able to enjoy a Cadbury treat without affecting the household shopping budget.

3. Does the new size still contain a glass and a half of milk?

Absolutely. The equivalent of a glass and a half of pure full cream dairy milk still goes into every 200g of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Two things are on all of our Dairy Milk blocks: The Cadbury name, and the glass and a half. That’s what you’ll see on the outside and that’s what you’ll taste on the inside.

4. How much does halal-certification cost and is it affecting your profit?

We’re very proud to make chocolate to suit a diverse range of chocolate lovers and halal certification helps us do that. The very minor cost of certification is more than covered by the additional revenue generated through exports and sales to Muslim customers.

5. I am sure the new chocolate tastes different. Have you changed the recipe?

The classic Cadbury taste remains the most important thing to us. We haven’t changed the taste and we do regular testing to ensure that Cadbury always tastes like Cadbury.